Wednesday, December 18

Alaska Merry Crema

alaska crema

 MANILA, Philippines – With the Christmas Season in full swing, festivities everywhere call for creative dishes to be savored with families and loved ones.  This year’s Holiday joys were very much anticipated by Alaska Crema, as it aimed to bring sweet and savory goodness into each feast, with the Merry Crema’s Food Bazaar, held at Eastwood Open Park, on December 15, 2013. “Christmas is the perfect time to indulge our cravings and sweet tooth, what better way to do that but with our favorite salads, desserts and creamy dishes,” says <Alaska Crema marketing head>, <Title>. “This food bazaar is also the best way we could thank our loyal customers and partner merchants for appreciating us – above all, during the most special time of each year - as they give Filipino families memorable Noche Buenas and holiday meals.” alaska crema pig 

Notable disc-jocks Chico and Delamar hosted the fantastic afternoon, filled with wonderful treats for participants and spectators. In between food, fun and games, merrymakers were also serenaded with traditional Christmas songs by the Intervoices Chorale, as they sang heart-warming renditions of traditional Filipino Christmas hymns; while, special guest Yeng Constantino provided mainstream entertainment for all with the best-known Christmas songs and carols. alaska crema cupcake

 Capping the night off was a fireworks display that lighted up the Eastwood sky.  The spectacle was Alaska Crema’s delightful way of greeting everyone a scrumptiously happy and gloriously bright holiday season. Merry Crema!