Thursday, November 13

The Dream Shirt: Print Your Fave Book in Shirt

Started out as an idea to create shirts for bookworms, The Dream Shirt has finally marked its 2.5K likers after a year of operating online. With more and more fangirls and fanboys finding out about the online shop, The Dream Shirt is planning to have its relaunch come 2015, which includes creating a line for locally published books, releasing more collections, and a collaboration giveaway with Fandom Trinkets PH.

The Dream Shirt is an online shop that offers made-to-order shirts, with prints that features quotes and designs based on different books. Each design is printed on a cotton shirt in vinyl or via heat transfer. As of today, most of their selections are based from Young Adult novels like John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘Fault in our Stars’. They also print designs based on the popular dystopian novels such as the infamous Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent. Although their current fan base is consisted of young people and fanatics of YA masterpieces, The Dream Shirt is planning to target a larger market, tapping in the bookworm crowd in general by providing designs that are based on the classics, fiction novels, and the like. The designs are slated to be released early next year, along with their official relaunch.

Unlike most of its competitors, The Dream Shirt aims to stick to creation of book-based shirts, and expand its designs by having its own artistic team that will put their ideas into reality. They are also aiming to be more present offline by participating in bazaars and other book related activity. Their website is also in the works, aiming to provide a better experience for their customers.

Know more about The Dream Shirt by checking on their facebook account: They are also open for partners and collaborations, just send them an e-mail at

Here are some sample design of print-out shirts:

Dream Shirt Details:
Twitter: @thedreamshirt_
IG: @thedreamshirt
Contact #: 0906 381 1776

Thursday, July 24

Penshoppe steps into online retail with Lazada Philippines

The Philippines’ most admired lifestyle mega brand Penshoppe continues to push the envelope further as it embarks on online retail with the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall –

From its cool and affordable items that appeal to the Asian fashion palate, to top-billing international celebrity endorsers, Penshoppe has continuously wowed and made waves in the Philippine fashion retail arena. Now, the brand is set on conquering new and exciting territory – Online Retail; and in tandem with Penshoppe on its journey is the Philippines' Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.

“Our partnership with Lazada stems from the company-wide commitment to serve our customers. While we continue to build and expand our brick-and-mortar stores here and abroad, Lazada will help us reach out to more consumers so they can enjoy the hassle-free Penshoppe shopping experience wherever and whenever they want,” says Golden ABC President and CEO Bernie Liu.

Excitement is really brewing in the air as Lazada Philippines’ Co-Founder and CEO Inanc Balci welcomes the lifestyle megabrand into Lazada. “We are very thrilled and happy to have Penshoppe with us and we both value the trust and confidence that they have placed in each other and we take this very seriously,” mentions Balci. “Lazada has expanded its categories from mobile and laptops to include lifestyle in our fold and we are dedicatedly strengthening our lifestyle categories, and working with the lifestyle megabrand such as Penshoppe is truly motivating,” Balci adds.

Penshoppe can now be purchased from Lazada Philippines by simply logging into For more updates on sales promo and new products, subscribe to and visit

Friday, June 27


Are you tired of buying clothes again and again to get that new look? Well, now you don’t have to do that again because we provide you here some of Maldita’s sophisticated items that you can mix and match with any of the available pieces on your closet! Here are they:

1. Maldita’s Lace Cut and Sew Blazer

Maybe you will think this blazer is just another one same from the others but this is absolutely not. Maldita’s black cut and sew blazer is made from the sophisticated combination of lace and linen, ready to give you a distinct look. This combination is very rare yet still matches with any kind of inner tops. It is best paired with another laced short or skirt.

2. Maldita’s Tulip Skirt

Maldita’s tulip skirt has really got a very unique design. It is a color beige high waisted skirt made from premium lace of classy pattern. It has a triangular shape slit cut in front which makes it extraordinary and enables you to move freely. This skirt can go with any color and type of blouse. It can be paired with another lace, cotton, and chiffon top. Maldita’s tulip skirt definitely gives you a very elegant look whenever you wear it on any formal or informal event.

3. Maldita’s Crepe Sleeveless

If there’s any multifaceted blouse you can ever have, it is undeniably Maldita’s crepe sleeveless. It is a very simple and plain blouse that gives you an extravagant look! What make it different from any other blouses are the unique metal tip collar and the triangle-shaped crop it has on its back. Maldita’s crepe sleeveless can be worn with plain or printed pants, shorts, and skirt of any color. Not just that! You can wear it with a coat or a cardigan depending in your mood and you can wear it with or without accessories but will still give you a high-class look. On different occasions you will be attending, even if it’s an indoor or outdoor affair, this smart pick will still surely fit.

So if you want a distinct outfit that can be paired with any type of clothes and can go with any kind of events, grab these three Maldita Must-Haves now for just reasonable prices.


Having a hard time thinking how to get to your all time favorite store? You don’t have to worry about long travels to grab that fashion-savvy pieces you dearly desire because Maldita is the one who will come and reach you now!

Maldita, our best-loved brand known for its contemporary designs and high quality apparels, is now accessible everywhere! Currently, the brand has twenty nine available stores nationwide. There are fourteen adorable retail stores in Metro Manila, eight in Luzon, five in Visayas, and two in Mindanao. You can check out the specific mall location of each boutique on the Store page of their official website.

Every Maldita shop has a simple and classy concept that goes along with the vogue of their apparels. Each has spacious place with a very light and sophisticated ambiance where you can take time looking for your style. You can also easily see the brand’s newest collection worn by mannequins on the facade of every store. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up now and go to the available stores near you!


Stay classy, never trashy!

This is the one of the very main reasons why you should grab your Maldita pieces now. The brand offers really unique styles that can never go away with the trend! These are fashion-savvy designs you can wear anytime in any activities, indoor and even outdoor. The styles are well planned by their in house professionals and carefully designed up to its smallest detail. Fashion that reveals your beauty and shape to make you look extra fab. The color picks the brand settles on are the ones that fit on any skin tone color that’s why you don’t need to worry about picking shades that suit your skin. The brand also offers  variety of designs fit for different types of personalities. Maldita optionally chooses to sheer their styles away from fad. They create their own fashion every season to make you look different from the rest.

Moreover, it’s not just the styles that make Maldita worth grabbing for. Every smart picks from the brand is made from authentic and high quality materials which make their products last long. The materials used are carefully picked to match the style and give you a more comfy feeling.

And the last reason why you should own Malditaapparels is that, they only release limited pieces to keep their standard of being one of a kind! Don’t wait for the stocks to be cleared up! Visit the Maldita stores near you and grab one now!


Maldita ad campaign

Seductively elegant was the new theme of Maldita’s impressive ad campaign video.  The setting was an old lovely dilapidated building where the unit was located. The scenes were first mysterious turned seductive when the character was revealed. The story revolved around the sexy Nikki Gil exhibiting her classy outfits on her way to her unit.
Maldita ad campaign Nikki Gil

The video became more enticing when the hot actress reached her room and turned up the volume of her stereo. She started dancing and fitting her fashion-savvy Maldita pieces along with the alluring music. The classy chic picks revealed her beauty and sexiness even more as the stylish clothes slowly fitted and showed the curves of her body .

The campaign was created to attract and turn on the audience in a sexy and elegant way which was proven on the video. See how Maldita made Nikki Gil looked extra sizzling through watching the ad on the brand’s official website.

Wednesday, February 26

Lazada Thinks of big Market in South East Asia

When Berlin-based Internet incubator Rocket Internet launched the online marketplace Lazada in five Southeast Asian countries in early 2012, it has placed a big bet in the region.

Unlike other regions of the world, which have dominant destination websites such as Amazon in the Western World, Alibaba's Tmall in China, or Flipkart in India, Southeast Asia is a territory of niche players. It also lags behind other regions in e-commerce maturity.

According to Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Lazada Group, “The main opportunity that we took advantage of is two-fold: one is that people are becoming more Internet savvy and the mobile phone penetration is also going up; and second, Southeast Asian countries have strong developing economies. Economic growth is not only in the capital cities but also across the whole countries. What you have in these countries is a lot of offline retail presence moving to second and third tier cities. We are also taking advantage of the opportunity to bring these offerings to people who, for the first time, can spend money and using disposable income."

Bittner added, “The vision is to build a general merchandize destination website that shoppers would think of as a place to find good buys from consumer electronics to fashion to home appliances to books to about anything that they need. This was from same company that also built Zalando in Europe, Linio in Central America, and Zalora in Asia-Pacific.”

Bittner explained, “The challenges are huge, but learnings come everyday. We really tried to address the key challenges that exist on a day to day basis, including challenges in logistics or being able to bring packages to anyone across the country at an acceptable time, finding the right mix of products in specific markets and being able to offer them at good prices, and supporting third-party sellers using the platform.”

Early on, the company realized that to make it as the dominant regional e-commerce player, it has to be very innovative and use its strengths as well as opportunities in the market.


Bittner, said, “Each of the Lazada markets—Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnamn, and the Philippines have stengths. Indonesia, for instance, has the biggest population, with close to 300 million people. Malaysia and Thailand are more developed from the GDP perspective and people have more disposable income. Vietnam's GDP is catching up and has a geographically dispersed population, which makes it a good market for online retail. And the Philippines also has a big population—a steady market and increasingly becoming investment friendly.

"Initially, we focused more on consumer electronics—mobile phones, tablets, cameras. In the last six to 12 months, we started focusing on lifestyle products from home appliances to fashion to sports. In the Philippines, we are selling more small home appliances, in Thailand beauty products rule, in Malaysia the electronics side is strong. Our product mix is getting diverse," he said.

Meanwhile, Stein Jakob Oeie, CFO & CMO of Lazada Southeast Asia Pte Ltd, said, “Southeast Asia is a region dominated by Facebook. Thus, Lazada’s effort is big on social media.

Oeie shared, "We not only use Facebook but social media overall for engagement to attract new customers and retain customers. What we did initially was start on the engagement side. We started communicating with the customers and we started getting feedback—what we were doing good, what we were doing better, what we did wrong and we adjust to that. Its a very cost efficient way to get feedback. Its much easier to get people aboard.”

With a fan base of over six million people on the social networking site, Oeie said Facebook has become its main customer acquisition platform. Facebook works to Lazada's advantage because of its regional presence. Currently, its advertising and customer engagement efforts have yielded impressive results: 90 percent reach of the online population in Philippines, 80 percent reach of online population in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand; and 60 times fan growth in one year to five million fans.

"This strategy has three big benefits for us: almost everyone here is on Facebook, they are on Facebook most of the time and we can target them and very customized personalized messages, which make it incredibly efficient for marketing," added Oeie.

Another strategy, Oeie further explained, is the shifting focus from the big cities to rural areas where consumers are looking for products they wouldn't have access to in the neighborhoods.

Bittner believes “that while US and Europe and even second tier of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations were ahead of the e-commerce development curve, the Southeast Asian market has a lot of potential and room to grow. "he market is still very young and we are helping pioneer that market. The population is very tech savvy, willing to try new things. So we strive to provide them with tools they need to have a good online shopping experience, gain their trust by providing safe payment methods, and introduce mobile apps so they can have access on any device.”

Despite its success in the online space, Bittner said building a physical store is not part of the plan. Lazada will remain a pure-play e-commerce destination website. And this strategy has its advantages. You have the ability to provide offer to anyone who comes to your website. Your reach is much bigger. You can have unlimited shopping.”