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Boxfresh: The Freshest Streetwear Fashion Brand in the Philippines Today

We, Filipino fashionistas are known also for every fashion trends that we want to be a part our fashion statement. We always recognize and embrace some new trends of fashion or products that suits in our taste of fashion that blends up in our personality. So, here it is... A new style of new kids on the block fashion that ready to conquer your fashion statement today. Let me share to you the grandest introduction of Boxfresh fashion line in Philippine fashion. Rock on fashionistas!!!
As we enjoyed the band rocking party last Friday night at SaGuijo anniversary that sponsored by Boxfresh. The said event is also the time that Boxfresh was represented to us a new fashion line of streetwear here in the Philippines. For all street fashionista out there, I’m sure you will enjoy the new line of Boxfresh fashion trends.
The Boxfresh products are very suitable for the streetwear aficionados here in the Philippines because the style and design same with colour of every products blends up on the kind of Filipino streewear fashionist. The contrast and combination of colours in every product has perfectly replenished with light to dark and dark to light resemblance of color combination.
Boxfresh was born out of this…a hedonistic generation evolving through acid jazz, trip hop, drum and bass into UK garage, grime and dub step. Originally derived from New York hip-hip slang, describing a new pair of footwear as being  “fresh out of the box”. Set to be as a very British way of life that spans the last two decades of youth culture. Since 1989, Boxfresh produced street wear that set new trends to the group of youth and other street fashion aficionados all around the world. And this time, Boxfresh try its luck to give Filipinos a broadest fashion line of streetwear that we can enjoy today and tomorrow...
Are you ready to hook with new style of fashion? Forget your boring fashion taste. And get loud with the freshest line of Boxfresh British Fashion Streetwear... Visit Boxfresh website for more details and Boxfresh Philippines are available now in the following stores:
v                   Res Toe Run, Glorietta
v                   Res Toe Run, Trinoma
v                  Res Toe Run, Gateway
v                  v Res Toe Run, Galleria
v                  Res Toe Run, Ermita
v      Res Toe Run, Filinvest
v      Res Toe Run, Ayala Cebu
v      Res Toe Run, Marquee Mall
v      Brat Pack, Greenbelt 5
v     Brat Pack, Gateway
v     Brat Pack, Eastwood
v     Brat Pack, Ermita
v    Brat Pack, Davao
Feel free to like them on Facebook.com/Boxfresh.Philippines or visit their website at http://www.boxfresh.co.uk/ and http://www.myboxfresh.com/

Penshoppe Trailblazers Highlights on Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

One of the most exciting events which I shouldn’t want to miss in Phillippine Fashion Week is the Penshoppe runway which every year, I am excited to attend. This year I was lucky that I was invited to witness their fourth season entitled “TRAILBLAZER”.
Penshoppe Holiday 2011 title “TRAILBLAZER” comes up with aesthetic and persona of the well-known action star James Bond. Thus, TRAILBLAZER resonates comfortably as a Bond-film title sorts. The given title flows from a natural progression from previous ones — i.e., Revolution,Elevation, and Arrivalist. Once a person has remarkably arrived, setting an example for others to emulate would be the consequent challenge. The title not only describes the brand thrusting forward; but, extends further to those who choose to wear PENSHOPPE merchandise —creating a brand and style loyalty among peers.
Models ramp on the runway wearing clothes with traces of James Bond Trail which really ignite the fashion world. The men’s denim that dipped in wax was really stunning for its punk glam and it gives leather –like sheen which fashionistas will wish to have. The collection embodies those “known for independent thought, rugged individualism, and pioneering mindsets.” Whether you prefer to slip into a pair of leg-skimming embellished jeans, topped off with a stark white shirt to bring out your inner rock streak or emulate your favorite fashion icon by throwing over a leather jacket and dark sunnies to spruce up your wardrobe, you’ll be making that bold and confident statement! According to their director Alex S. Mendoza, “This collection is heavier on the basics: PENSHOPPE’s irrefutable domain. Not only are the frontliners decked out to rock‘n’roll; but, the pesty paparazzi and frantic bodyguards are donning PENSHOPPE blazers and dark jeans as well.”
Holiday 2011 was also been a year for Penshoppe as they celebrate their 25th year as the leading casual clothing brands. Penshoppe has been an innovator and pioneer in bringing its own unique brand of sophisticated casual wear to the rest of the world. To date, Penshoppe continues to offer a wide assortment of merchandise for men and women, ranging from basics to styling pieces, accessories, shoes and personal care products.

Fashion Accessories: Customized Fashion Dog Tags for You

Militaries, Rangers, or any of the groups of defense in one country wear dog tags for identification purposes. It has been so meaningful to them to have these because it symbolized their identity and dignity as a member of the force. Remember their dog tags also made the roles as leaders of the said groups. It is a simple sheet of silver metal attached to a ball chain, engraved letterings name; age, sex, and blood type on the silver metal sheet is the basic info written. Dog tags have maintained its image until today. But as the time goes by through the improvement of the technology, manufacturers have brought out new designs that would comply the fashion trend. Yes I said fashion trend, because nowadays, not only militaries wear dog tags, but even all people could acquire this.
We have learned that we can improve the designs of dog tags according to how we could want it to look like. It would always depend on what fashion are you in and what is your profile. We call it as personalized dog tags, customized dog tags, etc.. We want to maintain the real image of dog tags but in artistic and creative way. It is first time to see that a certain company wear dog tags by its employees. It was amazing because the design of dog tags represents the image of the company itself. It’s not only for company members but even to individuals too... who would want to describe their identity through his/her dog tags. Depends also on what fashion they were in.
If you attend an event, what would you want to acquire is to have a souvenirs right? Let’s say for example the Beatles concert. There are lots of fans of them around the world. You’d rather pee at your pants   if you couldn’t have a remembrance on that monumental event for you. All the tokens or any stuff that would let remember must be acquired by you. But all you see the most, is printed shirts and button caps, pins, and many more designed items that would make you recall these happening. But what if you see a dog tag being sold? Pictures of your idol John Lennon perhaps, and written on the picture their name Beatles. Oh wow! Maybe it would be greater and meaningful. Dog tags? Being sold on the event? Yes it is possible because our team wants to make it more personal to you.

Here's my sample Personalize design of Dog Tag for theU4YAH!!! (YOUTH FOR YAHWEH) Event held here in Manila. 
If you want a personalize Dog tag or If you want to order U4YAH event Dog tag?
Please do contact:
Mr. Raymond Antolin
You can drop a comment also in this blog for your orders or email us at: jetlim05@gmail.com