Wednesday, September 30

The Ultimate Rising Star: Selena Gomez Fashion Lifestyle

Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesIts my pleasure to feature here in my blog one of the ultimate rising star of today's generation. Let's talk about in one of my sweetest Idol Selena Gomez. I'm proud to say something about Selena which surely enjoy by fans. Let's turn it on into the highlight mode what is shimmering on the fashion lifestyle of Selena Gomez. Look what Designer clothing do Selena love it.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesFor those who love Selena Gomez, Here's her short biography. On 22nd July 1992, Selena Marie Gomez was born in New York City. She was then raised in Grand Praire in Texas where she lived until the age of 13. Before moving to LA. Selena is now aged 16! Selena currently stars as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverley Place, the Disney TV Series which has quickly become popular.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesShe debuted by staring in Barney & Friends, the role of Gianna which Disney ‘recruited’ her for at the age of 12. Few years later, Disney realized she was too good for Barney and guest starred her in The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody as Gwen for one episode. In 2003 she also quickly stared in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over as the girl in the water park. Selena Gomez also appeared in three of the second season episodes of Hannah Montana as Mikayla. As she guest stars, she becomes Hannah Montana’s rival not in reality .Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesHer career in singing has also appeared at the same time as Wizards of Waverley Place; although many people say it started a lot earlier while singing songs on Barney & Friends. However, she then later recorded three songs under the Walt Disney label, including Cruella De Vil for the 101 Dalmatians DVD.The song Everything Is Not What It Seems from the Wizards of Waverley Place intro song is also performed by Selena Gomez. Check out the filmography for more!Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesAbout fashion statement of Selena Gomez, let's quote up her fave quotes which is “Be yourself always, there’s no one better!” On this quote, you will know what Selena have and who is Selena in private and in public. In short you will know her in reality of her personality and life. Her fashion lifestyle is derived from her quote alone. Being herself is her wonderful treasure as she possess different style of fashion statement as you can see her in television neither in public places.
Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesThese are some of her fashion statements as you can see here in some of her images. You will find it what is her style and what fashion statement that she has.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion Images

Wednesday, September 23

The Alluring Celebrity Hot Babe: Emily Van Camp Fashion

Emily Van Camp Fashion Images

Another spot for one of the hottest and alluring celebrity is being highlight again here in UK Designers Guild Fashion Online. A wonderful moment to know one of the most beautiful lady in the film industry today. Let see her lifestyle and her fashion statement. Let's figure out what's there in her wardrobe. And take a look on the Designer Clothes on her closet as well as her beauty upon wearing those fashion apparels of her. I'm sure your are excited to know who is in the highlight of this blog today. I want to introduce to you the alluring and celebrity hot babe Emily Van Camp. Emily Van Camp Fashion Images

For those who are not familiar with Emily Van Camp, here's some information about her. Emily Peyton Van Camp is a 23year old stunner born in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. Her date of birth was May 12, 1986. Her talents are dancing and acting whom she was known today as part of the most shining star in film industry and entertainment. As a fact on her childhood, Emily egan dancing at age 3 andstudied jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet. And at the age of 12 she move in Montreal to attend the renowned ballet school L'Ecole Superieure de Danse de Quebec. Emily Van Camp Fashion Images

A pretty Canadian player who started out as a dancer, Van Camp was attending the renowned ballet school L'Ecole Superieure de Danse de Quebec when she was bitten by the acting bug. After a few small film and TV parts, she landed on Everwood as a popular but troubled high-school student. When that show came to what many fans felt was a premature end in 2006, she snagged a plum role as a secret sibling on the family drama Brothers & Sisters. Although Van Camp was romantically linked to her Everwood costar Chris Pratt and The O.C.'s Benjamin McKenzie, she's managed to avoid becoming a teen tabloid target.Emily Van Camp Fashion Images

About the fashion statement of Emily Van Camp, she has a great fashion and elegant taste in her fashion lifestyle. She got some fashionable style and her outfit in some occasions are pretty alluring. What I like her most is her fashion outfit when you see her at the street or in common places of the society. Emily Van Camp has a sophisticated fashion statement as she wore designer clothing like Burberry, D&G, Ralph Lauren, etc. Her look is obtaining new fashion look which some fashionista imitates it and it was called Emily Van Camp fashion look. Emily Van Camp Fashion Images

Here are some Fashion Images of Emily Van Camp:Emily Van Camp Fashion ImagesEmily Van Camp Fashion ImagesEmily Van Camp Fashion ImagesEmily Van Camp Fashion ImagesEmily Van Camp Fashion ImagesEmily Van Camp Fashion Images

Wednesday, September 16

The Country Music Princess on Fame: Taylor Swift Fashion

Taylor Swift Fashion ImageI know you are all aware of what happen on VMA 2009 about the unpleasant and unworthy behavior done by Kanye West to our lovely country music princess Taylor Swift. But that's not the issue in this article, let's forget about it because we want that Taylor will feel and enjoy her moment being a winner in VMA. Let's talk about her fashion lifestyle, fashion statement, fashion music, and anything else that goes on her fashion today. I wish to see her closet which is full of designer clothing apparels. Lol...
Taylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor Swift is one of the most recent personality whose inside the entertainment news because of her award during the Video Music Award 2009 at New York city. She earned more fame right now and enjoying being one of the hottest music icon especially in Country music which she was reigning as Country Music Princess. Today, we are talking about the reining princess of country music-the lovely Miss Taylor Swift. Taylor is wise beyond her years, and has the talent and the persistence to match. But what about her fashion sense? Well let's take a look on how she dress well during her performance at the stage and how she wears her outfits during her regular day at any place.Taylor Swift Fashion ImageBefore we continue on her fashion lifestyle, let's reminisce her biography in order to know more her sweet personality. Of course, I'm proud to write something about my lovely idol which is my dream lady Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989 at Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Taylor Swift is a country music singer-songwriter from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At an age when most teenagers are only beginning to find their identity and lay plans for the future, there has never been much doubt in Taylor's mind about her calling. Taylor Swift Fashion ImageInspired by her maternal grandmother, a professional opera singer, Taylor took up singing early in life. When she turned 12 she had picked up a guitar and began practicing for hours each day until her fingers began to bleed. While performing at a showcase at Nashville's Bluebird Café, Swift caught the eye of music industry veteran Scott Borchetta. He had plans to create a new label and decided Swift was one of the first acts he wanted to sign. Still a high school student fascinated by love, she released her debut single, "Tim McGraw," in August 2006.Taylor Swift Fashion Imageabout the fashion sense of our lovely Country music princess, Swift was pretty love dresses as we see her having a dress outfits during her performance at the stage. Of course, her most fascinated fashion is her guitar. She love guitar because this is the instrument that make her on top and became the most stunning star on music industry today. Taylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor swift has lot of fashion statement as you can see in every music awards that she attended. Not only that, her fashion statement is very elegant that features nice designs and style of designer clothes.
Taylor Swift Fashion ImageHere are some of her fashion statement that will show in these images:
Taylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor Swift Fashion ImageTaylor Swift Fashion Image

Friday, September 11

The Hollywood Glamor Chic: Hayden Panettiere Fashion Lifestyle

Hayden Panettiere Fashion Image

There are lot hottie chic celebrities in Hollywood. But who among them are your bet or favorites? I'm sure one of the hottie chic celebrity that full of glamour that always top on your bet was Hayden Panettiere. Oh la la! She's one of the most shining and glamoring babe in the Hollywood today. When it comes to baring it all on set, Hayden Panettiere doesn't have a care in the world. Not that we don't mind when our fave take it all off on camera, but Hayden reminds us of a 14-year-old girl and we're not sure how to feel.Hayden Panettiere Fashion ImageOkay, she's 20-years-old, we're over it and ready to view... Hayden is very passionate on her fashion on the screen. I love her seeing for a teasel scope on her latest movie “I Love Beth Cooper”. Hayden is very hottie as she wear designer clothes as part of her fashion statements. This is why Hayden is one of the most glamorous chic in the Hollywood. Hayden Panettiere Fashion ImageTelevision and film actress Hayden Panettiere is as well known for her keen fashion sense as she is for her acting. Hayden's style is an eclectic blend of hippie chic and old Hollywood glam. This is her character because Hayden is a petite girl, her fashion style is great for both short and tall women. This look is great for casual everyday as well as formal occasions.Hayden Panettiere Fashion ImageUsually we see Hayden in casual looks like she wears the following: a pair of sleek black leather jacket and jeans or a slim skirt but casual look. What we can see on Hayden's fashion statement was showing off her arms in silk halter tops which goes as she wears white halter tops and black pencil skirt. Sometimes, Hayden love to wear funky boots and high heels in showing off her long legs on the go. About jewelry fashion, Hayden's look is always wearing elegant but simple style of jewelries. About accessories, Hayden is pretty wearing her oversize white Oakley sunglasses and wearing an oversize handbag and purse. Hayden Panettiere Fashion ImageHayden is very dedicated into her fashion lifestyle such as giving her style into the public. She is always showing her fashion statements in the mode of new styles of what she wear during the appearances in Television and Theater. Her fashion is terribly nice and perfect as she shown some of her images wearing designer clothing apparels like D&G, Ralph Lauren, Prada, etc.Hayden Panettiere Fashion ImageHayden Panettiere Fashion ImageHayden Panettiere Fashion Image

Wednesday, September 2

The Hottest Hollywood Leading Lady: Scarlett Johansson Fashion

Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageEverybody can be a star in their own way. You can be an artist or you can be a famous in every things where you can succeed. In a matter of success and fame, I'm sure you will be amazed of the young and hottest star now which in the fame under the spotlight. The lucky one who got its fame being one of the hottest Hollywood leading lady today, Scarlett Johansson. Not just in a film where she is risen but even in Music world she is still on the spot. Take note, Scarlett also stunning as model of designer clothing brand as she is now one of the model of D&G perfume and make ups.
Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson was born November 22, 1984 in New York City, New York, USA. The daughter of a Danish architect and New York-born producer, Johansson rose to fame in the early 00s for eye-opening roles in the movies Ghost World and Lost In Translation. This 4-time Golden Globe nominated actress has gained much fame and respect by her role selection as well as maintaining her private-life. Her role in Lost in Translation not only generated a Golden Globe award but a British Arts and Film win. Johansson has a large family, including a twin-brother! In the summer of 2008 she married fellow-actor Ryan Reynolds.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageBy the end of the decade she was one of Hollywood's leading ladies and a style icon for a new generation of American women. Unusually for a Hollywood star, Johansson's forays into music have diverted from the mainstream. In April 2007, she performed onstage with UK indie gurus the Jesus And Mary Chain for their Coachella Reunion show. In this time, she was really awesome as she enjoys her fame and being part of well-respected personality in the world of Hollywood.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageDuring the same year she completed work on her debut album, a collection of Tom Waits cover versions recorded with producer David Sitek of TV On The Radio. The tracks were interesting selections, predominantly taken from the mid-80s onwards (for many, the most productive phase of Waits' career), with the one original composition ("Song For Jo") a co-write between Johansson and Sitek.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageAs we talk on her fashion statement, she is a very stunning and beautiful lady as she forecast her fashion lifestyle most probably when she was now under the well-known designer clothes brand D&G. Scarlett Johansson is featured in the new rose-hue campaign of D&G perfume: Rose The One. The actress is the face of the new floral scent and has been photographed by the lens of Jean Baptiste Mondino.
Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett said about Mondino “captured all of a woman’s graces, our quiet moments. For me, is what makes this campaign so special, and it feels wonderful to have been a part of the collaboration”. Further fashion statement of Scarlett is beyond the success of her career in movies and music industries. Just like what she handle in D&G products, I'm sure she will be a great model too in some well designer brands like Ralph Lauren.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson Fashion Image