Monday, April 20

The Fashion Capital Rollback To London

The most awaiting Fashion Show of clothes variety such as designer clothing and indie clothing designs are now grant London returning its title as Fashion Capital and being the biggest fashion city in the world. The fashion show that rollback the name of London in the top fashion hierarchy will bang this May, 2009. The event is named Clothes Show London 2009. This is the first ever show of the said event. Because of this show, London will crown again as the fashion capital and biggest fashion city.

Clothes Show London 2009 is the most awaited event by all top designers all over the world. All the designer brands are participate in this event like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, DKNY, and many more. This will be cover by fashion channels and magazines all over United Kingdom and in other part of the world mostly in major fashion cities.

In this event, there are lot of Designer clothes that will show and lot of Fashion Designers and Fashion Models are participates. Not just local designers and models are participates in the Clothes Show London. Almost some of the top and well known Supermodels are participates in this event.

After 20 years of awaiting to be the fashion capital again, Clothes Show London will take over the Capital between 29 – 31 of May this year 2009 for the hottest fashion event this year. Leading fashion and beauty brands for over 2,500 seats Fashion Theater and host by celebrity and expert appearances over three days. This event Offers a unique combination of shopping, indulgence, celebrity expert advice, catwalk shows and trend reports. The Clothes Show London will take the United Kingdom's largest fashion city by storm with the renowned international model Andrea Krakhecke as the new face of Clothes Show London 2009, this brand new event for the capital will ooze glamor and style.

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