Monday, May 18

The Red Hot Fashion Trends: Love with Red

Why Red? Red is one of the most powerful color when it comes to tone of colors. Because it gives lively color in the surroundings. Red is one of the major color aside from blue and yellow. This major color red emphasis the power of red to combine and bring many colors. Red is the color of fire and blood. This color is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. When it comes to our emotion, Red define as very emotionally intense color. It was emotionally intense because red enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Because of the powerful tone, red has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. Red also serve as the color of courage which usually use as color in many flags of every countries.

When we talk about love. Red symbolizes the nature of love as it reflects the color of heart which is red. That's why, when we are celebrating Valentine's Day, our main motif was red because it represents love. Aside from the symbol of love, red incorporates as seductive color which shows utterly delicious, racy, and ravishing. Red can denotes temptation. Why? Because red has the power to attract everybody. For example, everything in red is attracted like the color of apple where Eve and Adam was tempted to eat because they attract on the color which utterly delicious.

As we use red in fashion realm, Red emphasis the high voltage of Red Hot fashion. It gives high satisfactory elegant outlook as well as super extraordinary flirtatious accent of attractive personality. Most fashionistas are inclined with red fashion trend because of extra alluring appeal that gave by red colored fashion clothing. As we based on the trendy fashion this Spring/Summer 2009, Red culminates top fashion apparels which give hot trends to every fashionista this summer.

When it comes to designer clothing industry, lot of designer clothes brands indicates the powerful role of red in their collections. Like the Brand Ralph Lauren, red is making highly innovative visual impact in their collections. From mens clothing up to womens clothing, they freely give the abundant red colored products in every categories of their product especially in Ralph Lauren items.

You can get the nuance of the designer trend with just the precise punch of color. The punch of color where color red is playing high definitive trends in world of fashion. An elite color that gives dominating appeal to everyone. Are you wearing red today? Be one of the Red Hotties in Red domination fashion trends. Be love with Red.


  1. My Favourite has been always Red. It is full of energy. Red fashionable outfits are usually worn by outgoing personality types. It shines full of optimism and it increases enthusiasm. The brighter the red the more emotionally intense it is...Great choices for this year fashion!

  2. Ladies dressed in Red are Hot!