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2010 Winter Olympic Outrageous Outfits

Not all sportswear during Olympic game are catchy because of its elegance and nice style. There are some outrageous outfits of players or participants in every events where you can amaze or little bit eye catching because of outrageous possession of it. From the controversial to the just plain cool, take a look at Olympic fashions that turned heads at the 2010 Winter Games. So let's see the controversial outfits that wears by Olympic Participants during their performance at different games and events.
Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsGreat Britain’s Sinead Kerr and John Kerr brought some country hootenanny to their original ice dance during the ice dance figure skating competition at the 2010 Winter Olympics on Feb. 21. It looks like they just wear Designer clothes and strolling in the street of Vancouver. But nice fashion statement of this pair.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsGermany's Christina Beier and William Beier bring some Hawaiian flavor to their original dance during the ice dance figure skating competition at the 2010 Winter Olympics on Feb. 21. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsBelgium’s Kevin van der Perren competes in the men’s figure skating short program on Feb. 16 wearing a one-piece black body suit with a skeletal print. Van der Perren placed 17th overall, but his costume made headlines in which many of which made references to Halloween.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsU.S. figure skater Johnny Weir co-creates his costumes with designer Stephanie Handler. From left to right: A piece that caused a stir because it was made with fox fur; a corset-style outfit for the short program; his getup for the free skate. Weir has said that he wants to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and launch his own collection. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsGold medalist Evan Lysacek made history as the first American to win Olympic gold in men’s figure skating in 22 years, and he did it while wearing a Vera Wang bodysuit at the Feb. 18 long program. The glittery snakes on the costume represent the battle in the story of “Scheherazade,” the music to which Lysacek skated.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsJapan’s Daisuke Takahashi competes in the men’s figure skating short program wearing black pants with a shredded, lace-up top that featured a single gold lapel. One of the top competitors going into the Games, Takahashi ended up taking home the bronze medal.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsCzech Republic’s Tomas Verner sported a red bandanna, blue jeans, a braided belt and striped shirt when he competed in the men’s figure skating short program on Feb. 16. Verner took a spill during the program, and wound up in 19th place. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsFigure skater Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland takes a medieval approach to his costume with a puffed-sleeve top for the men’s short program. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsSamuel Contesti of Italy seemed to be inspired by hillbilly couture during the Feb. 16 men’s figure skating short program in Vancouver. He wore stained and tattered overalls over a flannel shirt, with one suspender unfastened to add a touch of authenticity. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsRussia's Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin perform their original dance during the ice dance figure skating competition at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The pair has received criticism from some Australian aboriginal leaders who found the outfits and dance moves offensive and inauthentic.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsIsraeli siblings Alexandra Zaretsky and Roman Zaretsky performed to famous folk song “Hava Nagila” in the figure skating original dance program during the Winter Olympics, on February 21. Winter Olympic Outrageous Outfits

Japan’s ice dancing sibling team Cathy and Chris Reed wear kimonos during a training run for the 2010 Winter Olympics original dance program. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsIsabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder of France perform their French Can Can inspired original dance routine on Feb. 21. Although they didn’t win, Delobel gave birth to her first child just 4 1/2 months ago. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsWho doesn’t love a man or woman in uniform? Dressed as sailors, Russia's Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev perform their original dance on Feb. 21. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsFrom their lifts, turns and steps to their no-frills outfit, the U.S. ice skating duo Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto did not hold anything back during their original ice routine at the Winter Olympics on Feb. 21. Their theme was country/folk and they performed to Moldavian folk dance.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsDecked out in matching Burberry-themed outfits, Anais Morand and Antoine Dorsaz of Switzerland compete in the figure skating pairs free skating at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on Feb. 15. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsOne of the loudest fashion statements at the Vancouver Games was made by Norway’s curling team, who chose to represent their nation’s colors of red, white and blue in wild, diamond-patterned pants found on a Web site for golf garb. The TODAY anchors joined in the fun, modeling the zany trousers on air on Feb. 18. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsU.S. gold medalist Shaun White, right, and bronze medalist Scott Lago celebrate after the second run at the men's snowboard halfpipe finals on Feb. 17. Team USA’s uniforms were designed by Burton. The company wanted a look that was all-American, eventually settling on a plaid jacket and blue jeans. Burton developed the jeans with Gore-Tex fabric that is waterproof. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsTo the tune of James Bond theme music, South Korea's Yu-Na Kim skated to victory in the Ladies' Figure Skating Short Program in Vancouver on Feb. 23 wearing a black dress studded with glittering baubles and beads.Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsJapan's Miki Ando competed in the Women's Figure Skating short program on Feb. 23 wearing a costume dominated by a cross adorning her cleavage. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsAmerican Katie Uhlaender, who competed in the women's skeleton competition on Feb. 18, showed off her American pride with a large face of an eagle on her helmet and shoes accented with stars and stripes. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsAlthough Koehi Kudo of Japan didn’t take home a medal in the snowboard men’s halfpipe at the Olympic Games, he did win praise for his patterned, brightly-colored uniform. In fact, the dreadlocked athlete made headlines before the Games when he arrived at the airport with a loosened tie, an untucked shirt and trousers worn low on his hips. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsSnowboarder Mathieu Crepel honored his sense of humor and French culture during the men’s halfpipe event on Feb. 17 when he painted on a curly mustache on his face. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsCanada’s Christine Nesbitt, who grabbed speedskating gold, competes in a superhero-style bodysuit during the women's 1500-meter speedskating race at the 2010 Winter Olympics on Feb. 21. Developed by a Japanese company in cooperation with Canada's Institute for Aerospace Research and Speed Skating Canada, her bodysuit is made of space-age materials more aerodynamic than human skin. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsAptly named Australian snowboarder Torah Bright rocks canary-colored pants and a gaudy gold harness during the women’s halfpipe final on Feb. 18. Bright is working with the Karbon brand on her own line of outerwear. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsJulia Mancuso wears her trademark tiara along with a dazzling smile to go with her silver medal in ladies' super combined alpine skiing as she stands on the podium in Vancouver on Feb. 18. Not coincidentally, Mancuso has her own lingerie line called “Kiss My Tiara.” Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsSlovenian skier Tina Maze may have hoped that the extra pair of eyes on her helmet would help her spot curves in the course when she trained for the women’s downhill competition in Vancouver on Feb. 15. She wound up coming in 18th in the event. Winter Olympic Outrageous OutfitsWhen Tae-Bum Mo of Korea pulled off a surprise victory to win the gold medal in men’s 500-meter speed skating on Feb. 15, Dutch fans of the sport paid him homage by throwing a helmet with a gaudy floral pattern onto the ice. “So I just put it onto my head to celebrate,” Mo told Reuters.

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