Sunday, July 15

Shopaholic Review: My Great Northern Sale Shopping Experience

Being a shopaholic is about to satisfy yourself on what you wish to buy during great shopping sale. Just like eating what you wish to eat in order to satisfy your stomach. Shopping for me is not about to buy more things but to buy the thing that satisfies your feeling. That is a real shopaholic. A total resist of insisting what you really want to have it during the shopping spree.

This SM North EDSA “The Great Northern Sale” with a theme of “The SALE made for shopaholics returns!” targets the shopaholics for buying all things that runs in their mindset. The Great Northern Sale set a big mark down of up to 70% for some items that magnetizing the mind of shopaholics.

As what we experienced yesterday, it was a successful shopping event in SM North EDSA because of thousands of shoppers that enjoyed the big sales. Me and my girlfriend together with our blogger friends found lot of stuffs that we really like to buy. But the challenge of SM admin as they gave us 500 Gift certificate is to buy things that scale on 500Php worth.

Well, maybe with that challenge of buying more things in 500 worth of GC, I’m already loss for that. But for the mindset of being a shopaholic, I won by my heart as I bought what I want. With a 500GC I got the Shirt that I really want to buy. A single item that I bought but it raises my shopping satisfaction.

My mindset on this challenge is not about getting more items but to satisfy my shopaholic mind on getting the best Item that I can get in a 500 worth of Gift Certificate. This is a real meaning of the Great Northern Sale challenge. A challenge that customers can really satisfied on the things that they can buy.

My Girlfriend bought also single item which is her new Figlia shoes worth 499Php…

Thanks for the SM North EDSA for the shopping experience. Till next time…  It’s the last day of great northern sale today. Feel free to explore and buy the things that you wish shopaholics…

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