Friday, July 10

Fashion at Black: Fabio Ide and Axe Black Sets Great Party at The Palace Pool Club

This is one of the best Night Party that I attended for. Party at THe Palace Pool Club is very memorable and a life time achievement because of some entertainment personalities that I met there during the event.Look whose with us?

It's Fabio Ide Dude... This is Axe Black Party called #AxeBlackFabio. It was a party all night that brought a booze of drinks, quality music, and great personalities at The Pool Club.


It's cool party with the touch of black. Party people wearing all black is pretty awesome in my eyes. Nothing to say, fashionista with the blend of beach wear and trendy street fashion are very alive durung the #AXEBLACKFABIO.

The said event is a Thanks giving party organised by one of the hottest commercial model today; Fabio Ide as the new brand ambassador of Axe Black Fragrance. It was held at The Palace Pool Club last June 30, 2015.

I enjoyed the ambiance, the party people and the over flowing drinks. There are lot of bar set up with different brands of drinks.

I like partying with party people but what I loved is partying with Fabio Ide and the rest of the group of celebrities and well-known personalities in both fashion and entertainment industries.

And of course, I enjoyed the service catered and provided by Axe Black. You can see the Axe Black Room, Axe Cigar Room, Axe Atelier, and Axe Hair Cuts room.

Thank You for Fabio Ide and the The Big Difference Communication for bringing us in the party. We enjoyed so much. Promise. hehe... I'm looking forward for more party like this... #AxeBlackFabio mabuhay... Fabio Ide you're a great guy dude. Keep up the good work mate..

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