Monday, March 9

The Home of UK Fashion Designers

London is one of the Fashion Capital all over the world. It was the Fashion city of United Kingdom. In London, you can update the newest trend of fashion industry by means of the annual event of London Fashion week. In this event, you will see the catwalk supermodels which are well-known not only in UK but in all fashion capitals worldwide. Not only the different designs of clothing and its models are highlights in the London Fashion week. The Fashion Designers are the crowd favorites when they appear after the gala of the models.

Fashion Designer is the high ranking personality in the world of fashion industry. Without the talented and intelligent Fashion Designers, there are no fabulous clothing designs in the earth that wear by people. The elegance and luxuriant of design and styles of well known Fashion Designers are the life of fashion industry all over the world. And fashion designer is nothing if there are no Fashion schools.

In London, the London College of Fashion is one of the most acquainted school where the most respected Fashion designers are born. London College of Fashion is the only college in the UK to specialize in fashion education, research and consultancy. Most of the designer are start from their school as they learn the process of Fashion designing and they practice and master their talents as they produce world class designs of clothings like they create their own brand of designer clothes.
Designer clothes are from the heart and skills of Fashion designers. The design and style are came from their mind. The industry of fashion is continue booming as the fashion designers continue creating unique styles of clothing for and women. Fashion designers are the complex personality of every brand of designer clothings like Ralph Lauren. The fashion cycle is start from the home which is the Fashion school. It pass into the fashion designers and well done into every clothings that we wear. Without a fashion school, there's no fashion designer. Without a fashion designer, there's no fashion industry. Without the fashion industry, we don't have clothes.

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