Tuesday, June 30

Kiss of Silver and Touch of Gold: The Metallic Fashion Trend

Siver and Gold metallic Fashion trend

We all know that silver and Gold play an important role if Fashion industry as especially in luxury fashion lifestyle. Silver and Gold are usually seen on the fashion accessories such as jewelries, purses, etc. The Kiss of silver represents the beauty of simple luxury fashion that reflects the beauty and standard fashion lifestyle as a whole.Celebrity outfitsWhile the touch of Gold emphasize the high valued fashion statements such as elite fashionistas and Alta-social people in their fashion statements. These two metals are represents the luxury fashion in different way. That's why designer clothing industry represents this fashion lifestyle through Metallic fashion trend. Metallic Fashion ModelsSilver was one of the earliest metals known to humans, and it has been considered a precious metal since ancient times. Silver has been used as a form of currency by more people throughout history than any other metal, even gold.Gold TrendsSilver possesses many special physical characteristics and qualities that make it useful in a variety of industries. The photography industry is the biggest user of silver compounds. Silver forms the most light-sensitive salts, or halides, which are essential to developing high-quality photography. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity per unit volume of any metal, including copper, so it is used extensively in electronics. Specialized uses include switch and relay contacts for automobile controls and accessories, automotive window heating, and in electrodes for electrocardiograms. Metallic Fashion dressGold is soft, shiny, yellow element that is the most malleable of all the metals. It occurs in veins and in alluvial deposits. Because it is very durable, resistant to corrosion, and a good conductor of heat and electricity, gold is used as a plated coating on electrical and mechanical components. It is also an international monetary standard and is used in jewelry and for decoration. Gold has been associated with the extremities of utmost evil and great sanctity throughout history. In the Book of Exodus, the Golden Calf is a symbol of idolatry and rebellion against God.Metallic BikiniIn popular culture, the golden pocket watch and its fastening golden chain were the characteristic accessories of the capitalists, the rich and the industrial tycoons. Credit card companies associate their product with wealth by naming and coloring their top-of-the-range cards “gold” although, in an attempt to out-do each other, platinum has now overtaken gold. Gold Metallic BikiniThe metallic fashion trend might be in, but suffering for the sake of style is always out. Metallic finishes in shiny synthetic materials can leave you feeling hot and sticky. This implicates that you get the shimmer without the simmer with comfortable and stunning fashion statements.Ralph Lauren brand shows up their metallic products through Ralph Lauren Polos as well as in their foot wears. Hot Babe Metallic FashionIn spring fashion trend, spangle brightened catwalks everywhere and designers steered clear of the ultra futuristic, bulky intergalactic people come to associate with metallic finishes and shiny plastics. Instead, they have gone for a luxury look with fluid, light-reflective pieces and a streamlined aesthetic executed with draping, pleating, and bias-cuts. Designers twisted the style of metallic trends into graceful and stunning looks of designs as well as futuristic styles of their master pieces.Metallic BikiniNow the luxury version is shimmering and glimmering smart enough to wear for an evening on the town like this lovely silver and gold version right suggests. Nowadays, Metallic fashion is not just an ordinary fashion style but it keeps the personality of extra-ordinary fashionista. This is the way of luxury and unique fashion through the Kiss of silver and Touch of Gold via Metallic fashion trend. Metallic Bikinis