Monday, July 6

Love Your Country and Be Part of Your Fashion:The Flag Bikini Trend

Giselle BundchenShow your Patriotism through your lingerie. Women today customize their fashion lingerie through the beauty and color of their country flag. Yes, we all know that there are lot of fashion apparels which made from the designs of flags. The most common and first ever flag-based fashion apparels was the flag of United States of America. This fashion trend show up the patriotism of Americans in their country as they love wearing clothing which design from their flag. As the World see this Flag designed Fashion from USA, some other fashion designers in other countries customize their fashion project in styling their design through the identity of their country which is their flag.
Jessica Simpson US flag BikiniAs time goes by, many designer clothing brand made their own highly customized product made out of different flags. Like the Ralph Lauren brand, they put up flags of very country where they have their network. Some of their Ralph Lauren Polo have the customized flags which represent the 27countries where the Ralph Lauren have their fashion stores.Maria Ozawa Japan flag bikiniWhen it comes to Lingerie fashion, the world of fashion resembles the catwalk show where famous fashion designers designed their master piece made of flag designed prints in the lingerie. This is the beginning where some bikinis as well as swim wear are customized into flag design like USA flag, United Kingdom, and many more.Flag BikiniLingerie pieces nowadays are not just manufactured or created by a single designer. There have been lots of emerging designers and brands at present times that have been creating lingerie pieces which have and will truly satisfy the needs of the most meticulous of buyers. Flag designed Lingerie fashion trend embraced by many fashionistas all around the world. Actually, some of the fashion statements of well known celebrities wear swim wear out of flag prints and designs.American flag bikiniWomen today have very different lingerie needs than before. Why? Because most women show their fashion statement in lingerie fashion upon wearing them in private resorts, beaches, etc. Some women nowadays are more showy because of the concept of liberated culture. Unlike the past generation where women are known for their conservative way of lifestyle. But I don't say that women today are not good, I'm just telling their show up style which is bring life to the fashion statement of lingerie industry. As modern women find themselves juggling several things at once, the need for intimate apparel that is both functional and feminine has increased over the past few years.Australian Flag bikiniHere are some Images where modern women love their countries through their Lingerie fashion.

USA Flag BikiniUK flag bikiniMIza Campo germany Flag BikiniJapan Flag BikiniAubrey MilesAustralian Flag bikiniCanada Flag BikiniChina Flag BikiniPuerto Rico flag BikiniItaly Flag bikiniFrance Flag BikiniArgentina Flag BikiniIreland Flag Bikini


  1. Amazing fashion designs for each individual Country. What a fantastic idea - Thank you!

  2. wow, we have the same blog. great.
    bikini flag of the world

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