Wednesday, September 2

The Hottest Hollywood Leading Lady: Scarlett Johansson Fashion

Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageEverybody can be a star in their own way. You can be an artist or you can be a famous in every things where you can succeed. In a matter of success and fame, I'm sure you will be amazed of the young and hottest star now which in the fame under the spotlight. The lucky one who got its fame being one of the hottest Hollywood leading lady today, Scarlett Johansson. Not just in a film where she is risen but even in Music world she is still on the spot. Take note, Scarlett also stunning as model of designer clothing brand as she is now one of the model of D&G perfume and make ups.
Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson was born November 22, 1984 in New York City, New York, USA. The daughter of a Danish architect and New York-born producer, Johansson rose to fame in the early 00s for eye-opening roles in the movies Ghost World and Lost In Translation. This 4-time Golden Globe nominated actress has gained much fame and respect by her role selection as well as maintaining her private-life. Her role in Lost in Translation not only generated a Golden Globe award but a British Arts and Film win. Johansson has a large family, including a twin-brother! In the summer of 2008 she married fellow-actor Ryan Reynolds.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageBy the end of the decade she was one of Hollywood's leading ladies and a style icon for a new generation of American women. Unusually for a Hollywood star, Johansson's forays into music have diverted from the mainstream. In April 2007, she performed onstage with UK indie gurus the Jesus And Mary Chain for their Coachella Reunion show. In this time, she was really awesome as she enjoys her fame and being part of well-respected personality in the world of Hollywood.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageDuring the same year she completed work on her debut album, a collection of Tom Waits cover versions recorded with producer David Sitek of TV On The Radio. The tracks were interesting selections, predominantly taken from the mid-80s onwards (for many, the most productive phase of Waits' career), with the one original composition ("Song For Jo") a co-write between Johansson and Sitek.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageAs we talk on her fashion statement, she is a very stunning and beautiful lady as she forecast her fashion lifestyle most probably when she was now under the well-known designer clothes brand D&G. Scarlett Johansson is featured in the new rose-hue campaign of D&G perfume: Rose The One. The actress is the face of the new floral scent and has been photographed by the lens of Jean Baptiste Mondino.
Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett said about Mondino “captured all of a woman’s graces, our quiet moments. For me, is what makes this campaign so special, and it feels wonderful to have been a part of the collaboration”. Further fashion statement of Scarlett is beyond the success of her career in movies and music industries. Just like what she handle in D&G products, I'm sure she will be a great model too in some well designer brands like Ralph Lauren.Scarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson Fashion ImageScarlett Johansson Fashion Image


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