Wednesday, September 30

The Ultimate Rising Star: Selena Gomez Fashion Lifestyle

Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesIts my pleasure to feature here in my blog one of the ultimate rising star of today's generation. Let's talk about in one of my sweetest Idol Selena Gomez. I'm proud to say something about Selena which surely enjoy by fans. Let's turn it on into the highlight mode what is shimmering on the fashion lifestyle of Selena Gomez. Look what Designer clothing do Selena love it.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesFor those who love Selena Gomez, Here's her short biography. On 22nd July 1992, Selena Marie Gomez was born in New York City. She was then raised in Grand Praire in Texas where she lived until the age of 13. Before moving to LA. Selena is now aged 16! Selena currently stars as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverley Place, the Disney TV Series which has quickly become popular.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesShe debuted by staring in Barney & Friends, the role of Gianna which Disney ‘recruited’ her for at the age of 12. Few years later, Disney realized she was too good for Barney and guest starred her in The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody as Gwen for one episode. In 2003 she also quickly stared in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over as the girl in the water park. Selena Gomez also appeared in three of the second season episodes of Hannah Montana as Mikayla. As she guest stars, she becomes Hannah Montana’s rival not in reality .Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesHer career in singing has also appeared at the same time as Wizards of Waverley Place; although many people say it started a lot earlier while singing songs on Barney & Friends. However, she then later recorded three songs under the Walt Disney label, including Cruella De Vil for the 101 Dalmatians DVD.The song Everything Is Not What It Seems from the Wizards of Waverley Place intro song is also performed by Selena Gomez. Check out the filmography for more!Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesAbout fashion statement of Selena Gomez, let's quote up her fave quotes which is “Be yourself always, there’s no one better!” On this quote, you will know what Selena have and who is Selena in private and in public. In short you will know her in reality of her personality and life. Her fashion lifestyle is derived from her quote alone. Being herself is her wonderful treasure as she possess different style of fashion statement as you can see her in television neither in public places.
Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesThese are some of her fashion statements as you can see here in some of her images. You will find it what is her style and what fashion statement that she has.Selena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion ImagesSelena Gomez Fashion Images


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