Tuesday, June 7

Fashion Accessories: Customized Fashion Dog Tags for You

Militaries, Rangers, or any of the groups of defense in one country wear dog tags for identification purposes. It has been so meaningful to them to have these because it symbolized their identity and dignity as a member of the force. Remember their dog tags also made the roles as leaders of the said groups. It is a simple sheet of silver metal attached to a ball chain, engraved letterings name; age, sex, and blood type on the silver metal sheet is the basic info written. Dog tags have maintained its image until today. But as the time goes by through the improvement of the technology, manufacturers have brought out new designs that would comply the fashion trend. Yes I said fashion trend, because nowadays, not only militaries wear dog tags, but even all people could acquire this.
We have learned that we can improve the designs of dog tags according to how we could want it to look like. It would always depend on what fashion are you in and what is your profile. We call it as personalized dog tags, customized dog tags, etc.. We want to maintain the real image of dog tags but in artistic and creative way. It is first time to see that a certain company wear dog tags by its employees. It was amazing because the design of dog tags represents the image of the company itself. It’s not only for company members but even to individuals too... who would want to describe their identity through his/her dog tags. Depends also on what fashion they were in.
If you attend an event, what would you want to acquire is to have a souvenirs right? Let’s say for example the Beatles concert. There are lots of fans of them around the world. You’d rather pee at your pants   if you couldn’t have a remembrance on that monumental event for you. All the tokens or any stuff that would let remember must be acquired by you. But all you see the most, is printed shirts and button caps, pins, and many more designed items that would make you recall these happening. But what if you see a dog tag being sold? Pictures of your idol John Lennon perhaps, and written on the picture their name Beatles. Oh wow! Maybe it would be greater and meaningful. Dog tags? Being sold on the event? Yes it is possible because our team wants to make it more personal to you.

Here's my sample Personalize design of Dog Tag for theU4YAH!!! (YOUTH FOR YAHWEH) Event held here in Manila. 
If you want a personalize Dog tag or If you want to order U4YAH event Dog tag?
Please do contact:
Mr. Raymond Antolin
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