Tuesday, June 7

Penshoppe Trailblazers Highlights on Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

One of the most exciting events which I shouldn’t want to miss in Phillippine Fashion Week is the Penshoppe runway which every year, I am excited to attend. This year I was lucky that I was invited to witness their fourth season entitled “TRAILBLAZER”.
Penshoppe Holiday 2011 title “TRAILBLAZER” comes up with aesthetic and persona of the well-known action star James Bond. Thus, TRAILBLAZER resonates comfortably as a Bond-film title sorts. The given title flows from a natural progression from previous ones — i.e., Revolution,Elevation, and Arrivalist. Once a person has remarkably arrived, setting an example for others to emulate would be the consequent challenge. The title not only describes the brand thrusting forward; but, extends further to those who choose to wear PENSHOPPE merchandise —creating a brand and style loyalty among peers.
Models ramp on the runway wearing clothes with traces of James Bond Trail which really ignite the fashion world. The men’s denim that dipped in wax was really stunning for its punk glam and it gives leather –like sheen which fashionistas will wish to have. The collection embodies those “known for independent thought, rugged individualism, and pioneering mindsets.” Whether you prefer to slip into a pair of leg-skimming embellished jeans, topped off with a stark white shirt to bring out your inner rock streak or emulate your favorite fashion icon by throwing over a leather jacket and dark sunnies to spruce up your wardrobe, you’ll be making that bold and confident statement! According to their director Alex S. Mendoza, “This collection is heavier on the basics: PENSHOPPE’s irrefutable domain. Not only are the frontliners decked out to rock‘n’roll; but, the pesty paparazzi and frantic bodyguards are donning PENSHOPPE blazers and dark jeans as well.”
Holiday 2011 was also been a year for Penshoppe as they celebrate their 25th year as the leading casual clothing brands. Penshoppe has been an innovator and pioneer in bringing its own unique brand of sophisticated casual wear to the rest of the world. To date, Penshoppe continues to offer a wide assortment of merchandise for men and women, ranging from basics to styling pieces, accessories, shoes and personal care products.

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