Wednesday, October 30

A Green Fashion for Cream Silks Lux Wear

Jerome Salaya Ang

Presented by the conditioner extraordinaire, the Luxewear collection opened with an all-green Jerome Salaya Ang collection for Cream Silk. Models sashayed to the tune of an orchestra, including Hair Fall Defense’s celebrity endorser Sam Pinto.
Chris Diaz

Chris Diaz followed with his collection “Windfall” which featured dark sensual clothes inspired by the behavior and movement of moths. Done in tulle, charmeuse, crepe-de-chine, jerseys, and lace, the largely black collection was lightened at the end by dresses done in lavender, rose, and pomegranate hues.
Delby Bragais

Delby Bragais went for “Global Ethnicity” this season. Seeming indigenous embellishments easily caught the eye as they were strategically placed in the center of each piece. But by mixing together purple, orange, yellow, fuchsia, and green, the collection can’t be placed to be coming from here or there.
Lyle ibanez

Lyle IbaƱez’s collection was arresting in its stark elegance and restrained sexiness. Bereft of any embellishment, each piece was tailored to flatter the body with its seeming fluidity. The rather neutral collection ended with a shot of color with a fluid fuchsia gown.
Martin Bautista

With his “Cecile 1986” collection, Martin Bautista intended to give confidence, security, and comfort to the modern woman who has to play a myriad of roles. Tailored tops and skirts function like second-skin armor while the silk dresses that swathed around the body would make any woman feel like a Greek goddess.
Richard Papa

Inspired by the bright colors of highlighters, Richard Papa brought to the runway evening gowns in the exact intense hues. These eye-catching gowns also attract attention to certain parts of the body with peek-a-boo cut outs and plunging necklines. Done in light, airy fabrics like power knit and cotton, this collection was meant for the woman who confidently wears color and attention.
Roland Lirio

Roland Lirio’s “Biker Femme” collection was grunge-chic and sportswear inspired. Sheer frocks, mullet-hem dresses and skirts were paired with stylized biker jackets in black, ash gray, and metallic blue. Chiffon and brocade combined with mesh and metallic twill, the pieces were kept edgy with gold metal accessories.
Ronald Mendoza

With modern utilitarianism in mind, Ronald Mendoza presented a collection with basic pieces that a fine wardrobe could be built upon. Skin-baring, figure-sculpting pieces like midriff tops, tube tops, racer back, bralets, and tube tops were balanced out by loosely-silhouetted pieces such as tunics, circular skirts, culottes, and wide-leg pants. Done in muted tones of beige, stone, and amber, these pieces could be easily mixed and matched.
Russell Villafuerte

Russell Villafuerte fused his signature rock n’ roll aesthetic with the roaring twenties for his spring/ summer 2014 collection. Each tailored piece features loose, baggy silhouettes that draw attention to the waist. For that touch of the luxurious 20s, he added beadwork and embroidery, sequins and paillettes accents to the leather, cotton, and lace.
Ronaldo Arnaldo

Inspired by the serene blue of the sea and sky, Ronaldo Arnaldo’s “Azure” collection featured resort wear that is very light, soothing, and cool to the eyes.  The collection featured day dresses, capes, and separates done in cotton blends, heavy crepe, silk, satin, and mixed jusi. Though relaxed, the silhouette remained to be feminine.
Sidney Perez Sio

Entitled “Hades in Odyssey”, Sidney Perez Sio’s collection featured pieces with exaggerated sashes, overlays, and box pleats. Interpreting a rather dark concept, his pieces came in black, gray, and charcoal. His fabrics of choice were micro fibre crepe and fully beaded chiffon.
Simon Ariel Vasquez

Simon Ariel Vasquez presented a neutral collection in khaki, black, and grey. Done in satin, cotton, and linen, the tailored pieces sported floral lace embroidery. Considering that the collection was inspired by forest conservation, the rather muted pieces intended to message that the world would be bleak if we wouldn’t protect our forests.
Tina Daniac

Tina Daniac’s message this season was clear – more skin means more fun. The designer presented dresses, skirts, and tops that showed off the shoulders, cleavage, waist, legs. She injected an artistic vibe to her signature eveningwear with the use of later cut outs and satin weaves.
Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff’’s collection was designed for the person she knows best – the strong yet feminine VR woman. Each tailored piece exuded a subtle, restrained kind of sexy.  Billowy silhouettes were offset by revealing cuts and veiled corsetry. Dresses, skirts, and tops came in neutral tones such as white, gray, burgundy, and rust.
Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca showed the luxe side of sportswear with very wearable pieces done in textured fabrics like chiffon, crepe, and light parka fabric. The silhouette was relaxed, with garter-cinched areas strategically plotted to move the attention away from the waist. The palette consisted of ivory, blush, mocha, and other muted tones.
Yvonne Quisumbing

Yvonne Quisumbing’s “Heroine” collection celebrated the woman and her polarity – she can be delicate yet still be fearless. She did a lot of contrast such as the pairing of sculptural blouses in Rothko-esque tiles and pedestal-like pants or the silver beadwork applied to tweed, chiffon, georgette, and organza juxtaposed with red, black, peach, and black and white leather.

The show ended with an encore from the ladies in the Jerome Salaya Ang creations who did the signature Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense hair pull.

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