Monday, October 28

FREEGO: Still keeps on jeannovating

Freego, which is celebrating 30 years in the business, showed that they truly know the name of the game when it comes to jeans innovation.

The show started with Freego reminding us of what they’ve given us these past 30 years. They paraded their twelve iconic jeans since 1983. These are the 1983 High Waist Loose Jeans, 1995 Do the Ducktail Jeans, 2002 Bikini Jeans, 2004 Ultra Slim, 2005 V-Low, 2005 Chinovation, 2007 Skinny Fit, 2009 Coated Jeans, 2010 Biker Jeans, 2010 Knitted Jeggings, 2011 Aviator Jeans, and 2011 Reversible Jeans.

It was followed by the Super Shaper Jeans collections, which accentuated a person’s curves depending on her fashion taste and body type. Admiringly enough, these jeans were designed to correct some body concerns. They’re named accordingly for easy reference - Buttlifter, Cosmetic, Shape Ups, Slimming, Skimmer, Sculpture, and Tummy Tuck Jeans.

The last collection featured the return of Freego’s Reversible Jeans. For this season, they were reinvented to be the 10-Pocket Reversible Jeans that has fully functional pockets and come in unconventional colors like mint green, cool blue, and salmon.
The show ended with a collective gasp of surprise when two models took off their clothes and worn them inside out, showing us how truly reversible these pieces are.

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